Jaka Remec



2021 sponsors and supporters

I would like to announce that I will be supported by the great brands from Slovenia and abroad!

First of all, I would like to thank everyone and everyone in particular for believing in me and in my sports career!

Argeta (Slovenia): Pâtés, vegetable spreads and something for gourmets, www.argeta.com.

Four Pegs BMX (Austria): BMX parts and frames, www.fourpegsbmx.com.

Freegun (France): Clothes, www.freegun.com.

GYM24 (Slovenia): Fitness and training place, gym24.si.

Isokon (Slovenia): Innovative plastic solutions, plastic parts and landings (rezi) in BMX park Tržič, www.isokon.si.

Plezalni center Ljubljana (Slovenia): Training place for climbing, plezalnicenter.si.

POC (Slovenia in connection with Sweden): All protective equipment, www.pocsports.com.

WOOP trampolin park (Slovenia): Training place, woop.fun.

Poslovna potovanja and TOP Adventure (Slovenia): travels, www.poslovnapotovanja.com.


Thanks Cockta, hello Argeta

I would like to thank my longtime sponsor, the beverage manufacturer Cockta, who has supported me in good and bad.

At the same time, I am announcing a new sponsor and that is Argeta. Only the best for the whole family Argeta’s variety of flavours satisfy the foodie in all of us, but with an ingredient list that makes your mother proud. Pâtés, vegetable spreads and something for gourmets. www.argeta.com.

See you in the 2021 season!


Hey, Jaka, here!

I’m reporting after a long period of time, but not that I fell asleep – the winter-spring part of the season was very stressful for me. I had to say goodbye to my indoor park, which we created more than a year and built really good and especially technically perfected facilities. Slightly sloppy, but need to go on.

So I was looking for new challenges. In Maribor, I’ve, as far as possible, improved my technique on dirts, it all depends on weather. In the meantime, I performed on the Vienna Contest, organized by Senad Grosic, above all I spent a lot of time working on new tricks.

When we lost our space, but fortunately, we will build a new park in the direct near-sight of the capital, I have been in the last month in the indoor park Urban Roof in Ljubljana. Not so high objects as I had, but still good training to keep the style.

I also took my opportunity at the opening of the World Cup in downhill in Maribor, where I performed at the Exibition competition and showed some of my already established tricks and elements.

Now is the time to start with my competition season. In a little while I’m going to Montpellier, where I will be on the Fise 2019. I do not expect too much, and I will not build up additional pressure, but I’m going on relaxed ride, gather experience and, above all, hang out with my colleagues. If there comes a result, the better. FISE Montpellier will be on display between 29 May and 2 June.

Then, for me, certainly this delicacy of this part of the year – the Pannonian Challenge in Osijek, Croatia. Pannoian will take place between June 5 and 9. In particular, I am

pleased that such an event is quite close to Slovenia, that it has a long tradition, best raiders comes to ride on it and it is always a good atmosphere. I am also hoping to have as much friendships as possible, and above all at a good time, and to show what I know and what I learned during the winter.

We’re reading, Jaka


To China in my own words

Jaka Remec has confirmed an excellent form in China and despite the fact that because of his youth he was not allowed to take part in the “pro” category and to move with the most famous aces with which he trained in the summer in the United States. He did his job well in a much smaller park. He proved that in the near future the competition must count on him in the biggest park disciplines in the most prestigious category of the International Extreme

To China in my own words
Chengdu was the last station of the BMXs in the park’s discipline in this year’s FISE World Series. I went to my season’s first competition. Initially without expectations, because of the International Cycling Union (UCI), because of my youth, despite the good results of last season’s , I wasn’t allow to perform in the “pro” category. Therefore, I had to prove myself in the junior category, but I did not compete in the same park as an elite category, but in a much smaller, the neighbor one, with lower facilities and a lack of really great ones, which I trained throughout the season.

From training to injury
In the park, I spent very little time before the qualifications, because the organizer, due to the large number of cyclists, closed it regularly. I was able to test it before the qualifications for less than half an hour.

Qualifying Day:
I build my own qualifying run, but with a double barspin I got a powerful kick with the handlebar. I suffered to the end, ranked second, but the pain was so severe that I had to seek professional care.
A Japanese chiropractor came to the aid and wrapped my hand sufficiently and softened my pain. The next day, I was treated by our BMX legend in the nineties, and now he is a masseur at the American Cycling Team Tomaž Jeras. He prepared me for Sunday’s finals. By the way. Tomo was in China along with the US team, as at the same week in Chengdu is taking place the world championship in urban cycling.

The way to the finals
The day before the final, the park was otherwise open, but because of the wet floor it was dangerous and almost unbearable. That’s why I missed a part of the training. In the end, I set a run, which was significantly stronger than the qualifying one and patiently waited for the finals.

Just before my performance due to sand on the floor of the park, the Korean competitor felt and was badly damaged. He suffered a double fracture of the tibia. Strongly because of this, I slightly changed my run with some lighter tricks, so that I kept the second place from the qualifications.

The second place is top – I was the only European in the finals and almost the only one who did not know the park, as his rivals were either local or Japanese with winner Joji Mizogaki, who was very domestic with the park’s facilities.

My summarize
The free-style BMX has become an Olympic discipline, teams and national cycling associations have taken this sport very seriously. Most of the competitors had a whole team – masseurs, repairers, cameramen, psychotherapists and trainers. Almost all competitors had several bikes.
Such a “treatment” makes you even more confident and above all you have the support at every step. I am glad that the Japanese have unselfishly helped me when I damaged my finger. Later, I also found out that they recorded almost all of my runs and analyzed them in the evening. It’s a shame because at national union do not know almost anything about this sport, but I am especially sorry that I could not compete in “big” park with a pro, where I would show what I had trained through the whole summer.


My summer month in Daniel Dhers' park

Want to be the best? Learn from the best. To do so, this summer I flew to USA to spent one month at Daniel Dhers Action Sport Complex! If you don’t know Daniel – he is one of the coolest BMX champions in the world.

What was it like? The park was very tough, which is extremely good because the best pros use it for training. So I could learn a lot and meet BMX stars like Daniel Dhers, Brandon Lupos, Kenneth Tencio, Jack Borthhwick, Brian Fox, Justin Dowel and Marin Ranteš – they were all there 🙂

My menthor was Josh Perry, a BMX freestyle legend. I trained with him 4 hours a day almost every day. We worked out a training plan, than I practiced it and at the end of every day I had to repeat each trick 3 times in a row. If I failed, I had to repeat it 5 times!

My schedule was the same every day: getting up between 9 and 10, breakfast, 3 to 4 hours of training in the park, lunch, free time, analysis, talking about other riders, dinner and before sleep, omg, watching a weird Friends series on TV…

Also, I’m very proud Daniel Dhers composed my bike which is now much easier with titanium parts, and he gave me some advice on riding. I’m happy I could spend some time with such a legend.

So – lots of training in America but also other things. I helped prepare meals (keto diet), visited a baseball game and celebrated the 4th of July holiday on a picnic. It was so much fun!

In the future I wish to continue working with Josh and want him to coach me for the major games. For now, I follow his program and analyze the progress through Skype!