Jaka Remec



Urban World Series - Barcelona 2022 UCI C1

Next stop for the World Series of Urban Sports was Barcelona! It was held at the Parc of Fórum where the Extreme Barcelona Park is located. This is a UCI C1 ranked contest and is important to get some much needed points to get a place for Paris Olympics in 2024.


Park course was very modern and allowed us to be creative. Park set-up consisted of pool style areas linked together with rails, hips and ramps that the competitors use to impress the judges with fluid style, drive, originality and variety of tricks. Overall, I liked it a lot!


It was very relaxed. The first practice went really well because I did all the tricks I would need to move on into finals. Qualies went according to plan and my run was very smooth. I ended up in 9th place and i secured the place for Finals.

Unfortunately the practice before the semi-final was fatal for me. I crashed during the trick called 360 tailwhip to downwhip and I twist my ankle pretty badly. That was the end of the weekend for me, and thank goodness, the ankle was only sprained and not broken. The doctors said that I will be able to get back on the bike in about two – three weeks.


Golden Shoe Contest - BMX Park Tržič 2022

Last weekend, a special Golden Shoe Airbag contest was held inside of BMX Park Tržič, in which MTB and BMX riders competed in pairs and showing their best tricks. The event should originally take place on Loibl Pass, in front of the Karavank backdrop, where the competitors would perform their tricks on big airbag, but due to the bad weather forecast we were forced to move the event inside.


The concept of the competition was developed by my father Aleksander Remec and organized by BMX team Tržič with the help of Luka Borse. There were 12 competitors on the starting list, three of them from Austria. Tricks were performed in pairs where each pair was formed by a BMX rider and a MTB rider. Our main judge Igor Vukadinović – Poki ensured that everything was fair & square. He is an international judge from Osijek and also judged at the Olympic Games in Tokyo!


There were so many spectators that they filled every corner of the hall, and together with the official announcer Bike Bro, they created an unforgettable atmosphere. Riders were throwing down crazy tricks and the most impressive one were double backflip and quadriple thailwhip.

Good times in BMX Park Tržič

Minor setback - broken wrist!

For athletes, there is nothing more frustrating than getting injured. And the pain that accompanies the injuries isn’t even the main issue. It’s the downtime that motivates us athletes to avoid injuries as much as possible. Engaged in an extreme sport that demands pushing your physical abilities to their limits, riders are no stranger to bumps, nicks, bruises, and wounds. Sometimes, a stunt gone wrong may cause more than just an abrasion. Attempting a freestyle jump may lead to ankle injuries, and a bar spin may sprain your wrists.

Luck was not on my side that day…

During training in BMX Park Tržič I did the 360 barspin to tailwhip and I under-rotated it. As a result, I drove towards the side wall, where I tried to catch on my hand which turned out to be a bad move as I suffered a broken wrist. I immediately knew that it was fractured and the X-ray in the hospital confirmed it.

Therefore I will not be able to participate on contest in England and will probably miss the European Championship too. It’s hard to not be frustrated, but here we are. Wish me a speedy recovery 🙂

X-ray of a broken wrist
Žan Kranjec & Me


Yes, you’ve read it right baby! I became Slovenian national champion in BMX PARK.

Given that Slovenia does not have such large and diverse facilities for the park BMX discipline, this year the national championship was held as part of the Pannonian Challenge festival in Osijek.

I won in the men’s category but i am super happy and proud to share the podium with with my colleagues Žiga Buda who was 2nd and Jošt Fišer who came 3rd.


Pannonian challenge 2022

The largest regional festival of extreme sports and urban culture, Pannonian Challenge is back!

Pannonian Challenge is the largest extreme sports and urban culture festival in Southeast Europe and the main event in the city of Osijek. It has been attracting young people from all over the world for more than twenty years and I am happy to be part of it.

Photo: Marin Stupar (Pannonian)


After the International Olympic Committee officially incorporated BMX freestyle and skateboarding into the Olympic programme, skate park in Osijek became the regional training center for extreme sports enthusiasts. Skatepark has pyramid, spine, big quarter, jump boxes and ledges. Even though the park is full of obstacles it is still large enough and enables free and big running start for achieving speed. It is one of the best equipped skate parks in South East Europe.

Photo: Marin Stupar (Pannonian)


The traditional festival of urban sports once again attracted excellent riders in the BMX park discipline. On the start list you could find names like Marin Ranteš, Declan Brooks, Jose Torres Gil, Jose Cedano, Tomaš Beran and others who performed here at the 23rd Pannonian. Competition was big but I was ready for it. The only way to progress is to go in the battle with top dogs, right?

Photo: Marin Stupar (Pannonian)

Qualies were OK! In the first qualifying run I drove perfectly but in the second qualifying run, I almost crashed. Gladly, my first run was strong enough for 11th place and I made it into the finals.

My first run in finals went just how I wanted and scored 73 points which was good for 10th place plus I also got some valuable UCI points. To sum it up, it was GREAT! For it is always good to ride with the PRO’s because they hype me up and i push myself even more. I was also the youngest contestant in the finals!

Photo: Marin Stupar (Pannonian)
Photo: Marin Stupar (Pannonian)
Photo: Marin Stupar (Pannonian)