Jaka Remec

Urban World Series – Barcelona 2022 UCI C1


Urban World Series - Barcelona 2022 UCI C1

Next stop for the World Series of Urban Sports was Barcelona! It was held at the Parc of Fórum where the Extreme Barcelona Park is located. This is a UCI C1 ranked contest and is important to get some much needed points to get a place for Paris Olympics in 2024.


Park course was very modern and allowed us to be creative. Park set-up consisted of pool style areas linked together with rails, hips and ramps that the competitors use to impress the judges with fluid style, drive, originality and variety of tricks. Overall, I liked it a lot!


It was very relaxed. The first practice went really well because I did all the tricks I would need to move on into finals. Qualies went according to plan and my run was very smooth. I ended up in 9th place and i secured the place for Finals.

Unfortunately the practice before the semi-final was fatal for me. I crashed during the trick called 360 tailwhip to downwhip and I twist my ankle pretty badly. That was the end of the weekend for me, and thank goodness, the ankle was only sprained and not broken. The doctors said that I will be able to get back on the bike in about two – three weeks.