Jaka Remec

Golden Shoe Contest – BMX Park Tržič 2022


Golden Shoe Contest - BMX Park Tržič 2022

Last weekend, a special Golden Shoe Airbag contest was held inside of BMX Park Tržič, in which MTB and BMX riders competed in pairs and showing their best tricks. The event should originally take place on Loibl Pass, in front of the Karavank backdrop, where the competitors would perform their tricks on big airbag, but due to the bad weather forecast we were forced to move the event inside.


The concept of the competition was developed by my father Aleksander Remec and organized by BMX team Tržič with the help of Luka Borse. There were 12 competitors on the starting list, three of them from Austria. Tricks were performed in pairs where each pair was formed by a BMX rider and a MTB rider. Our main judge Igor Vukadinović – Poki ensured that everything was fair & square. He is an international judge from Osijek and also judged at the Olympic Games in Tokyo!


There were so many spectators that they filled every corner of the hall, and together with the official announcer Bike Bro, they created an unforgettable atmosphere. Riders were throwing down crazy tricks and the most impressive one were double backflip and quadriple thailwhip.

Good times in BMX Park Tržič