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Minor setback – broken wrist!


Minor setback - broken wrist!

For athletes, there is nothing more frustrating than getting injured. And the pain that accompanies the injuries isn’t even the main issue. It’s the downtime that motivates us athletes to avoid injuries as much as possible. Engaged in an extreme sport that demands pushing your physical abilities to their limits, riders are no stranger to bumps, nicks, bruises, and wounds. Sometimes, a stunt gone wrong may cause more than just an abrasion. Attempting a freestyle jump may lead to ankle injuries, and a bar spin may sprain your wrists.

Luck was not on my side that day…

During training in BMX Park Tržič I did the 360 barspin to tailwhip and I under-rotated it. As a result, I drove towards the side wall, where I tried to catch on my hand which turned out to be a bad move as I suffered a broken wrist. I immediately knew that it was fractured and the X-ray in the hospital confirmed it.

Therefore I will not be able to participate on contest in England and will probably miss the European Championship too. It’s hard to not be frustrated, but here we are. Wish me a speedy recovery 🙂

X-ray of a broken wrist
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