Jaka Remec

Hey, Jaka, here!


Hey, Jaka, here!

I’m reporting after a long period of time, but not that I fell asleep – the winter-spring part of the season was very stressful for me. I had to say goodbye to my indoor park, which we created more than a year and built really good and especially technically perfected facilities. Slightly sloppy, but need to go on.

So I was looking for new challenges. In Maribor, I’ve, as far as possible, improved my technique on dirts, it all depends on weather. In the meantime, I performed on the Vienna Contest, organized by Senad Grosic, above all I spent a lot of time working on new tricks.

When we lost our space, but fortunately, we will build a new park in the direct near-sight of the capital, I have been in the last month in the indoor park Urban Roof in Ljubljana. Not so high objects as I had, but still good training to keep the style.

I also took my opportunity at the opening of the World Cup in downhill in Maribor, where I performed at the Exibition competition and showed some of my already established tricks and elements.

Now is the time to start with my competition season. In a little while I’m going to Montpellier, where I will be on the Fise 2019. I do not expect too much, and I will not build up additional pressure, but I’m going on relaxed ride, gather experience and, above all, hang out with my colleagues. If there comes a result, the better. FISE Montpellier will be on display between 29 May and 2 June.

Then, for me, certainly this delicacy of this part of the year – the Pannonian Challenge in Osijek, Croatia. Pannoian will take place between June 5 and 9. In particular, I am

pleased that such an event is quite close to Slovenia, that it has a long tradition, best raiders comes to ride on it and it is always a good atmosphere. I am also hoping to have as much friendships as possible, and above all at a good time, and to show what I know and what I learned during the winter.

We’re reading, Jaka