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My summer month in Daniel Dhers’ park


My summer month in Daniel Dhers' park

Want to be the best? Learn from the best. To do so, this summer I flew to USA to spent one month at Daniel Dhers Action Sport Complex! If you don’t know Daniel – he is one of the coolest BMX champions in the world.

What was it like? The park was very tough, which is extremely good because the best pros use it for training. So I could learn a lot and meet BMX stars like Daniel Dhers, Brandon Lupos, Kenneth Tencio, Jack Borthhwick, Brian Fox, Justin Dowel and Marin Ranteš – they were all there 🙂

My menthor was Josh Perry, a BMX freestyle legend. I trained with him 4 hours a day almost every day. We worked out a training plan, than I practiced it and at the end of every day I had to repeat each trick 3 times in a row. If I failed, I had to repeat it 5 times!

My schedule was the same every day: getting up between 9 and 10, breakfast, 3 to 4 hours of training in the park, lunch, free time, analysis, talking about other riders, dinner and before sleep, omg, watching a weird Friends series on TV…

Also, I’m very proud Daniel Dhers composed my bike which is now much easier with titanium parts, and he gave me some advice on riding. I’m happy I could spend some time with such a legend.

So – lots of training in America but also other things. I helped prepare meals (keto diet), visited a baseball game and celebrated the 4th of July holiday on a picnic. It was so much fun!

In the future I wish to continue working with Josh and want him to coach me for the major games. For now, I follow his program and analyze the progress through Skype!