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I fell and then I won – Pannonian Challenge 2017


I fell and then I won – Pannonian Challenge 2017

In june 2017, the famous Pannonian Challenge was happening in Osijek – a very big thing for me. I was preparing for this!

But I wondered what my result would be because I didn’t know where I was with my ride. I was not sure at all. It was also an awkward timing because I still had school…

The best freestyle BMX riders from all over the world were coming – actually about 150 of them – so I absolutely had to go!

In Osijek they have one of the biggest BMX parks in Europe and there were two competitions – in pro and amateur groups. I was very happy to see Michael Beran, my coach, coming to compete against the pro stars like Logan Martin, Marin Ranteš and Erik Figar. Well, as it turned out in the end, he couldn’t do it because his bike was delivered late 

And how did it turn out for me? Actually it started badly. At training session I seriously fell when I jumped and did a trick ‘tuck no hand’. I was at the highest point when suddenly a seven-year-old Jacob came under me and I hit him at high speed!
Fortunately, everything was fine. Nobody was injured.

Anyway, when the game started, I made two great rides and finished first among amateurs! After this, I was extremely happy to be invited to the pro group – a little afraid of what would happen, but I finished in the excellent 13th place.

Great for the first time, I think. Riding in the pro group was an amazing experience – very tough and with great atmosphere. And I want to congratulate to Matej Žan from Slovenia who finished in an excellent 4th place.

It was a great week in Osijek!