Jaka Remec

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Jaka Remec

Birth date 27.01.2005
Current city residing Ljubljana, Slovenia
Link to Instagram profile instagram.com/jakaremec
Link to Facebook profile facebook.com/jakaremec
Hobbies BMX/BMX/BMX, guitar, snowboarding, trampolin
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Jaka Remec


Josh Perry

I see so much natural skill and potential to go far in life an BMX with Jaka. His riding ability is not only high for his age but years ahead of himself too. He is not too young for training because that is what it takes to be the best in anything in the world, and it just sets him up to be healthier overall as he grows up. Most kids eat poorly, don't exercise, and don't set goals in life.
Through BMX and working together, Jaka has been making improvements on all levels of his life to be the best he can be, on and off the BMX bike.
He ride like adult, he is very professional and positive kid. If Jaka keeps it up as he is, there is a lot of potentials for him to "rule" BMX Freestyle in the years to come. It's crazy how good he is for only being 13 and I was about 16 riding at his level.

Robert Kreft

Jaka is definately very promising BMX rider. He has all characteristics that athlete needs for this demanding sport. He is persistent, hard working, motivated and also stubborn. Our mutual goal is to prepare Jaka for difficult season and for difficult tricks through selective trainings. We do not only prepare but also prevent injuries because in his sport incorrect trainings can lead into unwanted injuries.