Jaka Remec

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Jaka Remec

Birth date 27.01.2005
Current city residing Ljubljana, Slovenia
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Jaka Remec


Senad Grosic

I first saw Jaka seven years ago in Innsbruck at a competition, where he, as a young boy, confidently stepped into the park and fearlessly biked all objects. I first organized Senad’s School to Rock that year and I invited him along. That was the time that I recognized his unbelievable skills for the first time and taught him the BACK FLIP. He was fantastic in my eyes, because he yearned for new abilities even at the age of nine. I can now say that Jaka is a brilliant and very energic young man who keeps on learning and progressing incredibly. This man will one day rule the world of freestyle BMX.

Gasper Kristan

Jaka is very competent for his age. He focuses well even on more complicated fitness exercises, which he completes with no mistakes. He is intrinsically extremely motivated and never needs additional motivation. As such a young person, he is very goal-oriented and set on constantly pushing his boundaries. He understands that results aren’t achieved overnight and is aware that intensive training requires a good basis preparation beforehand. Consequently, he is not above notoriously boring tasks, such as agility, proprioception and speed-endurance training.